Special Education

Special Education in the Isle of Man

The Department maintains a range of services, including Glencrutchery Special School for children with severe special educational needs. Where possible, integration within ordinary schools is encouraged and special units are to be found alongside existing secondary and primary schools. 

There are special units for the deaf, partially sighted and physically handicapped, as well as a pre-school assessment unit and a school psychological service.

The Education Department staff two mobile Life Education Centres which visit schools to support the teaching of health and drugs education. 

Music, Drama and the Arts have a prominent position in the work of the schools, and there is a Manx Schools Youth Orchestra together with senior and junior school orchestras.  Peripatetic instrumental tuition is provided, and choral work is also strong with a range of choirs.

Will the Isle of Man Department of Education and Children continue my child’s support as outlined in the statement of Special Education Needs?

The DEC does not operate the UK statement process, but there are similarities with regards to identifying special needs and providing appropriate support. As such, SEN staff will consider, in consultation with appropriate partner agencies, the support identified in the UK statement and discuss options with you.

What resources do schools have for students with special needs?

The Island has a comprehensive range of specialist educational provision and services, including 15 Special Units (10 attached to primary schools and 5 attached to secondary schools), a dedicated sensory team (visual and hearing support), an Educational Psychology Service, a Pre-School Assessment Centre and the Education Support Service (supporting children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties). The Department of Education and Children works closely with partner agencies (eg, speech and language, the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service and occupational therapy) to ensure children and young people have access to appropriate services and resources.